World Energy Outlook 2008

World Energy Outlook 2008 this years annual independent report (adobe .pdf file), (which is yearly done by the influential International Energy Agency (IEA)), on the state of global energy needs and affects for both government and other organizations was published publicly today November 12, 2008 at the IEA world head quarters in London. The governments and businesses of the world had representation on hand to listen. Nobuo Tanaka speaking for the committee summarized the conclusion of this years report finding. He clearly says that the report demands change now. With the increase in global demand for automotive transportation, and development increasing rapidly global climate condition is seriously at risk.

The World Energy Outlook committee for 2008 demands that we change what we use as an energy source by switching to renewable energy before its too late.

“We cannot let the financial and economic crisis delay the policy action that is urgently needed to ensure secure energy supplies and to curtail rising emissions of greenhouse gases,” Nobuo Tanaka, head of the Paris-based IEA, said today, Wednesday 12 2008.

“We must usher in a global energy revolution by improving energy efficiency and increasing the deployment of low-carbon energy, he added.

Green energy investment firms are hoping that this report from the International Energy Agency will boost lagging investment backing in the wind power industry since the price of natural gas fell in July of 2008.

Development in India, China, and through out the nations of the Middle East is at a crucial stage where a change from dirty energy to clean energy can at least keep the rate of pollution from further climbing up at an even steeper exponential rate.

According the IEA in statements prior to the release of this report on November 12, 2008 said this transition could cost forty-five trillion dollars by 2050 to be halfway complete.

The World Energy Outlook is seen as the authority on climate change, and the final word on the balance of energy trade in regard to supply and demand relativity internationally.

Many hope that the report will force change. The World Energy Outlook for 2008 which is the formal scientific report confirming global warming as not being a hypothesis, but in fact, a fact: And the fact that even at that petroleum is a limited resource anyway.

The conclusion of the IEA committee bringing together the World Energy Report for 2008 is that the world has to start investing in renewable clean energy infrastructure now.


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