Water Light Bulbs

The most practical invention for lighting dark unlit rooms comes from inventor mechanic Mr. Alfredo Moser with his water light bulbs.

He notices that two clear two-liter bottles refract the sun very brightly when the bottles are filled with water.

So he decided to save on his electric bill. Mr. Moser cut holes in the ceiling of his mechanic auto shop, and sealed in the two liter bottles of water.

The result is the sun greatly brightened his workspace through the refracting water and bottle plastic in rooms that have not windows.

Mr. Moser says that chloride (about two bottle caps worth) will keep bacteria from clouding up bottle.

Across the city where homes have bathrooms with no light, there is now luminescence.

The wattage put out by the water light bulb is the save as a sixty-watt electric soft white bulb.

The bulbs also refract solar energy into a room that can be verified on a light meter.

Some of these water lamps have been in place for over two years in many rooms. They have never needed to be replaced. They are maintenance free. The cement sealer holds them in place for a long time.

To turn them off on the day time, they can be covered by a solid bucket, or for complete shading out of the refracted light.

This simple invention is changing a lot of lives across Brazil. As the news of this affordable, well practically free creature comfort spreads around the world via the Internet, not and more poor and wealthy neighborhoods will install this simple energy saving sunlight refracting water light bulb.

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Posted in News by admin on October 8, 2008.

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