UWAFT Alternative Fuels Team and The Challenge X Competition

The University of Waterloos Alternative Fuels Team breaking through the common thinking about Hydrogen fuel cells by making the very first successful model by a University for the Challenge X Competition.

When students start making their own models of advanced technologies like hydrogen cars that have only really been taken seriously for about a decade or so, it is obvious that our civilization is actually producing a scientific revolution to mark the field.

Scientific revolutions and shifting paradigms are some of the most fascinating moments for the philosophers of science, and Hydrogen is one of those areas that just sparks life into thinkers of that field on a regular basis.

This is true because generally speaking, neither common folk, scientists or even futurists in sustainability ever really thinkof hydrogen as an alternative fuel source for the long-term to be available within any reasonable amount of time.

Usually, hydrogen is considered one of those utopian ideas to save the world and change the face of the earth that have no place in the down-to-earthness we need right now.

Thus, it tends to fall to the back of our minds, but UWAFTs entrance with the Chevy Equinox (now with a completely remodeled drive-train) into the three-year Challenge X competition to ride across North America is defying the old paradigm in favor of a new one.

This new way of thinking, is a product of two important sponsors; The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and General Motors, two organizations that are fulfilling their promises to help save the earth and guarantee energy security at the same time.

While DOE is responsible for advancing the national, economic and energy security of the US, one of their strategic themes is Scientific Discovery and Innovation, or improving the quality of life through innovations in science and technology.

Each team has been on its own, none knowing anything of the others progress until the moments of revelation and choosing freely their objects of study, following those time proven industrial production models that our system uses everyday to make the best cars on the road.

The freedom to choose, the freedom to learn, independently, these schools have the best minds our nation can produce in the area; these are the conditions such great minds as Adam Smith and Descartes set down to council our Western world on how to truly manifest innovation! And it is in these childrens toys, that a revolution in how we see Hydrogen is coming about, faster than expected.

Innovations in science and technology are exactly what Challenge X is all about, promising to reveal some of the most elite technologies that could further the kingdom of automotive design, helping North America to Crossover to Sustainable Mobility by choosing 17 of the best engineering schools on the continent.

With the UWAFTs Chevy Equinox, Hydrogen Fuel Cells find their way ever closer to the top; opening minds and shattering materialistic paradigms of a no-nonsense past in automobile designs.

Taking on tomorrow with the best our nation has, for a more self-reliant and environmentally responsible future, starting today.

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