The UK goes ZEH efficient

The UK is ordering new sustainability standards on their modern built ZEH homes for the year 2016, and a showcase was released on the 13th of June, 2007, Kingspan OffSite, featuring six lighthouse-class homes that have no carbon footprint whatsoever.

Two bedrooms, sixty percent more insulation, southern facing windows, 93,3 square meters, two and half story with all building materials and components specified to meet gold standards of sustainability.

Rainwater efficiency, renewable energy sources, passive heating, cooling and ventilation and even a biodigester, this is as off-the-grid as building codes are going to get until 2016.

The time to go green has come for the UK, and in nine years, every contractor in the world will need to know how to make use of these technologies, vacuum tight insulation is from now a legal part of UK ZEH efficiency.

What is a Zero Energy Home?
BBC News – Kingspan Article with Images and Video


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