The First Electric Cars

Anderson Electric CarThe first electric car was in the running as a power source for cars very early in the history of the auto mobile.

The first car ever built ran on steam, credit for this is a toss up between Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot and Ferdinand Verbiest. These designs were put in play around 1765. Cugnots Design was made in France, and Verbiests was created in China.

Cugnots version was designed to carry cannons for the French Army.

Siegfried Macus was the first man to propel a car or cart with the use of gasoline. Some time around 1870.

But before this there were two others who created propelled vehicles.

One inventor created his electric engine at some point in between 1832 and 1839.

And in the same time span one invented is solidly recorded having made an electric car in 1835.

These two men were Robert Anderson, and Sibrandis Stratingh.

Stratingh used the hands of an artisan assistant named Christopher Becker to put together the this electric motor car in 1835 in the Netherlands.

Robert Andeson completed his machine in Scotland.

The next great step in the advancement also was a achieved by two people.

Gaston Plante and Camille Faure both made significant improvements to the storage capacity of the electric battery.

This made electric cars very appealing.

At this point the French and the English governments saw electric cars as a very beneficial thing, and promoted them separately though out their realms.

The Jamaise Contente invented and driven by Camille Janetsy in 1899; broke the one hundred kilometer per hour/ sixty mile per hour, land speed barrier.

The actual speed achieved by the car is a little over sixty-five miles per hour.

The down side to electric cars of the time is that they were difficult to start. Sometimes they were dangerous to start.

In the United States of America electric cars flourished prior to the invention of the electric starter by Cadillac.

These car were the Baker, Detroit, Edison, and the Studebaker. These models out sold gasoline models until the electric starter made the gasoline models much safer to start up.

These common sense vehicles lead the way to the safe selection of electric cars available today.

Now that knowing how to get free electricity from radio waves is common knowledge; electric cars are a viable no emission option that can be coal fee with a little elbow grease from the industry in the next few years to come.

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