The Economics of Sustainable Development

Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development by Herman E. Daly is a way of looking at growth and sustainability from different angles. This book accounts for new ways of thinking about economy through wealth of nature, the necessity of morality and value of community.

Challenging traditional thinking about what really is sustainable development and good economical growth, this book clashes with economic orthodoxy and new wave trends, focusing on how many people seem to get the wrong idea about catch phraseslike sustainable growth.

Author Herman E. Daly is a visionary professor at the University of Marylands School of Public Affairs and coauthor of For the Common Good, taking the subject of economics into focus as a way to better understand the planet we live on.

For people looking to delve into discussions about an ethical economy, sustainability, the environment and really in search of down to earth solutions, this book collects points of view that really work to make the future brighter.

This 264-page paperback by Beacon Press first released in august of 1997, measuring 9 x 6 x 0.7 and shipping at only 0.6 ounces.

International finance, environmentalism, catchwords that sell in unethical ways using trendysounds like sustainable, The Economics of Sustainable Development challenges orthodox thinking to provide necessary solutions through morals, community and a return to Mother Earth.


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