Tesla Electric Roadster

The Tesla Electric Roadster of Tesla Motors gets its name from the famous Nicola Tesla; a man who knew electricity should belong to the world, a man who knew its potential. Are you thinking of using a car that is completely self-sufficient and sustainable for the modern age? How about going 100% electric?

Tesla Motors has invented a sports car that is not merely a high performance automotive on the track, but also out on the road, reaching 0 to 6 in under 4 seconds, better than even a Porsche 911.

For urban use, the Tesla Roadster is perfect, especially for fast transportation. The Roadster will last all day on a single charge and can be recharged nightly, while you sleep.

On a single charge, Tesla Roadster, the first car produced by Tesla Motors will endure 250 miles wide. This high-performance electric vehicle gets around 1 cent to the mile after doing the books and has one ofthe largest lithium battery designs in the world for the job it does.

Reaching double the speed limit allowed by the United States, Tesla Motors premier design for 2006 is in high demand among the social elite of our country for being both emissions free as well as beautiful and fast.

As a mission, Tesla Motors has lived up to their goal as a company that sells high-performance and super-efficient electric sports cars with not a single compromise.

Style, handling, advanced technology, acceleration, and the latest in high-performance, Tesla Roadster is the elite in todays electric vehicles, your passion is now sustainable and environmentally ethical

Tesla Roadster White Papers

Energy Efficiency

Battery System


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