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Sustainable Living is a book for home, neighborhood and community, showing the most essential information in this area, information that most people are looking for, but have a hard time finding; here is fifteen years of sustainable living knowledge, packed into one place.

Living sustainably is not just about being self-reliant, its about all the factors that go into becoming a good steward of Earth, and that includes not just ones home, but ones neighborhood and all of the community around that neighborhood.

People. It all boils down to people spending resources and energy, then, throwing the leftovers back into nature, without even dealing with them in such a way as to replenish properly.

We need to take care of this planet, and we need to make sure that we take care of the people around us, because we can only make a change, if we all work together on this, and that means investing not only in our own homes, but in those around us.

One home, a neighborhood of homes, a whole community of homes; how can we give back in a beneficial way, to offset ecological footprints, or how can we make people aware of the dangers pollution brings?

Mick Winter gives pointers on how to get everyone involved, how to get everyone to share, together, as a whole, for a more sustainable way of life that starts now.

This 163-page paperback, written by Mick Winter, first published by Wetsong in March of 2007, measures 8.8 x 6 x 0.5 and ships at 7.2 ounces.

Short, clear-cut and concise information about sustainable living, for home, neighborhood and community, this book has low-cost ideas to help the reader save energy, money and the planet, all in one.


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