Sustainable Design Philosophy

The Philosophy of Sustainable Design outlines the most important issues and ideas emerging in the movement toward sustainable architecture and design, over the last thirty years.

This is a starting point for those involved in the building industry and looking for a more responsible method of building. This is the practical how-to knowledge that makes sense to professionals.

Asking how you can affect your own work through understanding the philosophy of sustainable design is the key to what gives this book all its power, laying the ethical questions and groundwork for a more down to earth technical study later on.

Written by the President of Ecotone Publishing, author Jason F. McLennans 325-page hardcover was published in June of 2004, in both color and black and white photos, measuring 9.1 x 6.1 x 1.2 and shiping at a total of 1.4lbs.

As a founding member of Ecotone Publishing and CEO of Cascadia Green Building Council in Seattle, author Jason F. McLennan is a national leader in the movement for a greener architecture, a leading thinker of sustainability, providing information for the building industry and designing community in search of a path for a more sustainable future.

With abundant experience in the area of sustainable design, the author of The Philosophy of Sustainable Design Jason F. Mclennantaps into dozens of historical works by pioneers and green design philosophers to help you ultimately become the real future of architecture and design; beginning with a detailed code of what should and what should not be sustainable design.


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