Sustainability in New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina gives birth to Sustainability Projects in New Orleans

With a 3 Million US dollars investment from Ameriquest Mortgage Company and associates and the genius of young university architecture students from Tulane, the rebirth of a sustainable New Orleans will receive its first example.

With the reconstruction of the historical New Orleans Rescue Mission into a sustainable Family Center for those in temporary displacement and transition, the city begins its first sustainable project for a greener future.

When Katrina hit, Tulane students thought the project was over for sure, but instead, they will lead the way to what is according to Stephan Verderber, professor of architecture at Tulane University, said to be an “opportunity” for sustainability.

“In a historic city like New Orleans, where the majority of construction is decades or even centuries old, there is an opportunity to rebuild many of the city’s structures in a sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly way that is unprecedented in this country,”

“The Family Center Project brings together the expertise of the City’s architectural, building, education and nonprofit communities to set a standard for re-building in New Orleans. This immense opportunity is truly the silver lining in an otherwise devastating situation.” – Stephan Verderber

The company responsible for the construction will be HomeAid, a non-for-profit builder of temporary housing for the homeless founded in 1989.

HomeAid has done more than 115 houses nationwide and includes 17 chapters in 11 states. HomeAid is perfect for the job, with experience and know-how that will make a difference combined with Tulane designs and Ameriquest private investments.

Knowledge, together with Perseverance and Charity are sure to embrace the cause of sustainability in the new, New Orleans of the future, where history and future are turning the flame further towards Hope.

Homeaid Tansitional Housing


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