Strategies for Sustainable Architecture

Strategies for Sustainable Architecture shows how sustainability can be incorporated into practical designs that work, showing one hundred designs that are working, throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

When we look at the future that is coming tomorrow, and we realize that something must be done, when our hearts are screaming for change, we look to a strategy for that change that not only makes sense, but works, and has been working for a while.

Europe, North America and Australia are all on the band wagon now, and they werent teaching this stuff to architects twenty years ago; but now, everybody wants it, and sustainability is in demand.

But for an area that has a plethora of possibilities, the professional, or even the average home owner, can become baffled from the information overload that comes from such a multidisciplinary area.

This book shows a deeper understanding of design issues that occur in this field, especially when we talk about actually delivering on a project.

Be they small dwellings or large commercial buildings; sustainable development, site, ecology, community, culture, health, materials, energy and water all need to be contemplated and the bigger picture needs to be understood as a whole and Strategies for Sustainable Architecture takes us through that understanding with precise examples of projects that have been there and done that.

This 306-page paperback, written by Paoloa Sassi, has over 400 illustrations, was first published by Taylor and Francis in July of 2006, measuring 10.8 x 8.6 x 0.8 and ships at 2.6 pounds.

If you want to make a change for the better, for a future that is coming sooner rather than later and you are looking for better strategies for sustainable architecture, this book was written just for you, with an eye on a better quality of life for everyone on Earth.

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Posted in Books by admin on April 29, 2008.

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