School Garden in Santa Maria is supported by OSH

Orchard Supply Hardware based in San José California is supporting the efforts of Miller School in Santa Maria, with over 1,000 U$ in gardening supplies and cooperation to build a state-of-the-art school garden.

Volunteers, teachers andelementary students working together in the garden is traditionally what school gardens have always been about and Miller School is doing something that goes beyond just the community; this style of teaching is inevitably one of the surest ways to guarantee a more sustainable future for our nation.

School gardens help kids get close to nature in a very up close and personal way, and because gardens can be so metaphorical, teachers can get a lot more out of them than just how we are all interconnected through the web of life, however, that is the biggest point.

School gardens can teach our younglings to respect nature and enjoy it, can help second language children build associations with their surroundings, and even lead into artistic activities like a paintings by Van Gogh and mostly, sustainability is the future; that means teaching our children about what is going to happen in their adult lives.

Systems Theorists agree that this interconnectivity that we all share in this biosphere is at the very least a sensitive thing, and through our actions, we determine outcomes that effect all life on earth.

Politically, socially and economically; our world will be controlled by children, and the earlier we instruct them in solutions to the future problems that will effect our existence, the better chances we will have of preserving our way of life.

School gardens give so much to a child and this communion is symbolic to sustainability in that it can teach more about how we are a part of the planet than any global-studies eighth grader class can.

Thank you Miller School, OSH and other schools, businesses and governments that are taking eco-living into school gardens, thereby bringing connectivity to the next generation.



Posted in Sustainable by admin on February 17, 2007.

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