Renewable Energy Options Systems

Renewable Energy Options Systems are a part of Oregon’s push the become and energy independent state two community colleges are offering courses in to help empower the work force that will staff the new infra structure. This expansion of existing electronics degrees available to students is called Renewable Energy Options Systems.

This program focuses on teaching how to work with wind, solar, fuel cell, and other emerging renewable energy technology training.

Portland Community College and Columbia Gorge Community College are offering associate degree programs for Renewable Energy Systems EET Option (RES)

EET stands for Electronic Engineering Technology. This is an associates degree program is a new branch off of this existing program.

The two community colleges will have some classes that are separate, and other classes that are combined.

Portland Community College is the largest college in Oregon. Well over ninety thousand people per term attend this schools five campuses.

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Posted in Sustainable by admin on October 6, 2008.

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