Remote Military Renewables

Remote military bases in Western Iraq migrate to renewable energy sources as cheaper in the short term.

As of August 11th 2006, the US Military in charge of western Iraq has made the firm decision to migrate to renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar.

The decision was made due to the ongoing threat of rebel forces in the area, that frequently attack with random precision; armed convoys of refined fossil fuels, used to generate power in remote areas.

The use of renewable resources should drastically reduce the current costs, as these transports are far too expensive in terms of the highly armed and trained security forces that would be of more use elsewhere.

By using renewable resources in remote areas of Iraq, soldiers need not disappear protecting military power generation based on fossil fuels.

InsideDefense.com NewsStands Rati Bishnoi comments on this issue in detail.

Renewable resources such as wind and solar energy in Iraq are profitable for life and less expensive for military spending.


Posted in Sustainable by admin on August 17, 2006.

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