RechargeIT is a Google.Org initiative with plug-in hybrid electric cars or V2G vehicle to grid cars, with the objective of showing how much cheaper and efficient electricity can be as an alternative domestic fuel source when compared to gasoline.

V2G, also known as plug-in hybrids really are an ideal option for commuter cars, due to recent improvements with rechargeable batteries, helping to actually stabilize the grid with home recharging during non-peak hours and solar panel recharging during peak hours with its excess energy supply being sent back to the grid when it most needs it.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Video

Equipping the first Google fleet of gas/electric cars with data recording devices that come with technical read outs, charge history, environmental performance and patterns will make it possible to scientifically show the kind of results big car dealerships, not to mention consumers are lookingfor before actually investing.

A lot of people fear the use of electric vehicles because they think they will make our current situation even worse, but when businesses put up solar panels for recharging their fleet at work instead of fueling stations, the end result is actually extra energy keeping the grid stable as well as virtually eliminating CO2 emissions during the commuter week.

If every car in the US was currently a plug-in hybrid, charging in the garage at night, the usage would not endanger the grid at all, since those are sleeping hours.

But what about the hours while at work, during the day, you say? Solar panels located on the roof of an office building or parking lot roof can recharge the cars and fuel the grid simultaneously during even the highest peak hours; that is a sustainable solution that seriously offsets CO2.

The biggest reason for this offsetting is due to the fact that plug-in electric hybrids were developed to take on the commute to and from work, but for those long road trips, gasoline can still be used, while running the gasoline motor and braking, both regenerate the batteries as well.

If it takes only 2U$ to fill a battery for the commute to work, then at work, the battery is charged for free, while the buildings solar panels give-back to the grid, who will turn back to regular gasoline-only cars?

RechargeIT is a philanthropical initiative from Google.Org, to show the world what is possible with plug-in hybrid electric cars and vehicle to grid V2G solutions for commuting business people with one eye set on a more sustainable future, starting with what is possible today.


Posted in Electric by admin on January 10, 2008.

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