The Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal goal announced on November 27, 2007 abbreviated RE<C is Googles attempt at creating a new renewable energy revolution.

Initially, Google will need to hire experts that can help them produce one gigawatt of electrical power that is actually more cost-effective than the production of coal, then spend hundreds of millions of U$ in R&D and projects combined that in the end, make money.

Currently around 40% of the worlds energy is supplied through coal, creating a devastating and lasting effect on the planet; Googles hope, is that through their initiative RE<C more people will see that RE<C can be less expensive than coal is today.

Google will start their initiative by focusing on solar thermal power, wind power tech, enhanced geothermal systems and other possible breakthrough technologies, with cooperation from other organizations in the field, be they companies, labs or universities.

Makani Power Inc and eSolar are two companies Google already works with, while it maintains its ongoing commitments to a clean and green energy future through Google.org and the 2007 goal of carbon neutrality, which is on-track as of Nov. 27th.

For 2008, the RE<C goal intends to do something that has never been done before, on a scale that seems like something out of a sci-fi novel, moving our tech forward to show that it is possible, right now, to show the world that what is lacking, is just a little initiative.

Hopefully, the new R&D team of renewable energy professionals hired for the RE<C Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal goal will succeed and thus enlightening other states, other nations and eventually, the world, to a cleaner and greener tomorrow, that starts right here, right now, with one companies courage, to adventure in the good of all our planet.

Google Press:
Google’s Goal: Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal
Google’s Current Vision:
Powering a clean energy revolution


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