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Home Power Magazine has been around since 1987, was developed by Richard and Karen Perez with the mission to change the way people generate and use energy in their homes.

Mini hydro-electric, wind, solar, rechargeable electric automotives, on-grid, off-grid, suburban or urban; Home Power Magazine is about reaching the maximum of renewable efficiency for each and every home owner.

This is done through time-tested technologies, while simultaneously linking business owners, homeowners and renewable energy professionals to exchange system performance, installations, design and equipment experience.

By promoting this exchange, cutting-edge technology and a renewable energy industry have evolved, replacing the polluting fossil fuels with infinite supplies of renewable energy.

Home Power Magazine is about helping the homeowner make fiscally sound and informed decisions concerning their energy use and generation, in order to be able to experience a wider range of benefits that only renewable energy can offer, both for the collective and the individual alike.

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