Green-Collar Jobs

Green Collar Jobs Green-Collar Jobs give every member of society’s socioeconomic strata, a valuable stake in reversing and preventing global warming.

This concept centers around two crucial concerns. These concerns directly affect our survival.

These concerns are the environment, and sustaining a gainful living. In a green collar job a person makes a living protecting the environment in some fashion.

Former Vice-President Al Gore said in his challenge for America to have carbon free electricity in ten years.

We are borrowing money from China, to buy oil from Persia, to burn in ways that destroys the planet. Every bit of that has to change.

President Bush signed the Green Jobs Act to train the work force for Green-collar jobs in December of last year.

One hundred twenty-five million dollars was delegated for work force training.

The money was allocated to train: veterans, workers displaced by natural disaster or other unexpected crisis, at-risk youth, and families faced with the rigor of abject poverty.

The one hundred twenty-five million has not yet been appropriated by Congress.

The second bill signed into law is the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (Green) Block Grant Program.

The Green Block Grant authorized $2 billion to help cities weatherize their buildings. This grant will help the cities save money and lower their carbon output, while creating jobs.

In 2006 eighty-five million new jobs were created that are directly related to renewable energy. This includes energy efficiency technology positions.

Van Jones is the Founder of Green For All said in an interview with WTTWs Chicago Tonight:

Green-collar jobs will be everything from PhDs to pH does. Buildings will be deconstructed, rather than thrown in a land fill.

Green-collar jobs will be created in tearing down the building, rather than turning it into powder.

Wind turbines have 80,000 parts. We could put Detroit back to work. Not making SUVs, rather making wind turbines.

We could put Chicago to work too, he added.

From the industries where the eighty-five million jobs were created, there was a nine hundred seventy billion in revenue. That resulted in one hundred billion in profits, cites the Green For All website.

Green For All is a nationwide organization whose mission is to create a green economy.

Currently Chicago is leading the nation in the effort to create green jobs for every socioeconomic level, according to Van Jones who is based out of California.

The fundamental idea is to not only make white-collar jobs dyed green with environmental best practices. The concept also includes making blue-collar jobs revitalized through education.

The framework is being thought out, and set in place, as training that will revitalize these positions and add new positions. Jobs that are designed to think about the environment as a central part of the day-to-day work process.

At this present time there is a window of opportunity to make the American economy stronger. This can be done through taking advantage of the necessity of making the human foot print greener.

The key part is to take Americans living below the poverty line, together – make that part of us, a part of the new green-collar middle class.

We can all work toward creating green-collar jobs. And we can gear our minds toward green-collar thinking in our jobs. We can look for new positions that are opening up in greener pastures.

These days everyone is pro-green. Pro-green messages are even pervasive in the most hardcore gangster rap music, an art form whose mind set is almost never liberal.

In this pro-green paradigm, turning your work position into a green-collar job is only limited by your imagination. If you’ve had green-collar dreams about how your job could be done better; it is time to bring that framework into reality.

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