Green Circles by Chuck Hall

Green Circles: A Sustainable Journey from the Cradle to the Grave by Chuck Hall is a way of observing every aspect and phase of the human lifecycle as an integral part of nature and the environment through a clear perspective of sustainable living.

Green Circles is a 176 page paperback first published by Booklocker.com in May of 2007, measures 21.6 x 14x 1 cm, only weighs 232 grams and is a sound beginners manual on the elements of real green living.

This book fulfills an empty slot on the market today, carefully examining every phase of human life from birth until death, even going so far as to include natural births, green burials and all the in-between.

What does it really take to be the green-generation of the future? The sustainable-generation? These are the cues that Chuck Hall gets the chance to reflect upon inside this book, the kind of thing, everyone interested in sustainable living needs to know for a more productive future.

Green Circles: A Sustainable Journey from the Cradle to the Grave, by Chuck Hall, metaphorically illustrates what it could mean to future generations if we begin to rely now on the children of today, through teaching and learning for a better, brighter, tomorrow

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