Green Building Products

Green Building Products is a greenspec guide to residential building materials, both for those who actually build homes as well as the conscious homeowner looking to remodel their home with a little consideration for the environmental impacts that traditional materials can have.

Long-term value, health, safety, efficiency, beauty, durability, energy costs, allergies or even concern for the old growth forests; whatever your worry with traditional building materials and manufacturer specifications, this fully indexed and easily navigated tome for those looking to build or remodel a residential home will find everything in one place.

Each chapter comes with tips and suggestions on what to look for in a green product and help you make your own choices when actually in the store and evaluating the potentials a product may or may not have, yourself.

Design, build or remodel with: eco-friendly distributors and retailers, renewable energy, furniture and furnishings, appliances, plumbing, electrical and lighting, mechanical systems, HVAC, painting and coatings, caulks and adhesives, interior finish and trim, flooring and floor coverings, insulation, doors and windows, roofing, exterior finish and trim, sheathing, structural systems and components, foundations, footers and slabs, decking, outdoor structures, sitework and landscaping, its all here and up-to-date with over 1,400 environmentally friendly products and materials.

This 338-page paperback, edited by Alex Wilson and Mark Piepkorn, published by New Society in its second edition as of July 2006 and mearsures 10.8 x 8.3 x 0.9.

Green Building Products is the perfect tool for those interested in building with offsetting materials, where you can find them, contact information and all phases of the residential construction for a more environmentally friendly approach.

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