Google Philanthropy

As a for-profit organization, Google Philanthropy will spend three million in Google stocks on sustainability projects for developing nations such as Ghana in Africa.

Offering possibilities for venture capitalists and start up companies in the area of sustainability is only the tip of the iceberg, Google Philanthropy intends to reach out into the areas of disease and poverty as well, through organizations related to their own business, such as technology and information as long as the focus is on those really in need.

Non-for-profit organizations cant do that kind of thing, as they usually have their hands tied with the kinds of charity they can and cannot spend money on.

With a for-profit status on the other hand, Google Philanthropy is willing to pay taxes and give up the packaged advantages with non-for-profit outfits for a little freedom as to where the money goes and into what they are investing.

The first sustainable startup according to Katie Hafner of the New York Times: (quote:)

The philanthropy is consulting with hybrid-engine scientists and automakers, and has arranged for the purchase of a small fleet of cars with plans to convert the engines so that their gas mileage exceeds 100 miles per gallon. The goal of the project is to reduce dependence on oil while alleviating the effects of global warming.

While an ambitious ideal, the concept behind Google Philanthropy is beautiful and ethical with a supply of practicality; that is 100%, all Google.


Posted in Sustainable by admin on September 19, 2006.

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