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Brad Pitt is using his celebrity status together with Global Green USA to help promote a green tendency in reconstruction through the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Already, they have chosen six finalists, for their project, and each project shows something special in the area of sustainability that makes them unique, while complying to their goals of 90% net zero energy use and maximizing the livability and health of residents.

WDSU – Global Green – Brad Pitt in New Orleans

From modular construction, cross ventilation, solar convection, natural overhangs, traditional local architectural designs, solar panels, resident gardens, green roof design, wetland and watershed management of waste water, community gardens, and even passive solar water heating, the collection of six finalists bring together their ideas into a union of knowledge in sustainability that on the average is FAR superior to any single project.

Brad Pitt notices one of the problems with skeptics who say that using green building techniques is too costly or that what these people need is housing now; Brad insists that sustainable designs are the way of the future, and our industry needs to learn to go Green now rather than later.

By using competition, Brad Pitt and Global Green USA have brought together some of the most wonderful sustainable ideas in the world, in an area that really does need to be constructed to last another century, but if they choose their designs well enough, these buildings could stand from 500 to 1000 years, the knowledge is certainly there and the professional architects certainly know what New Orleans needs really are.

Probably the most fascinating part of this news is watching NBC interview Brad Pitt and recognize on camera how much he really knows about green building and sustainability, he’s not just showing his image off, he really speaks honestly about what people in the area have known for years.

Low income housing is what they are trying to build, thus the concerns are focused on the problems those people face most; mainly energy consumption and health, and those are the issues the six finalist projects have answered in this philanthropic endeavor.

With mainly Brad Pitt and Global Green USA funding so far, they hope to reach millions of dollars to build a model city of tomorrow, today, for a people in deep need of environmental, social and human attention.

The Holy Cross Project


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