Coca-Cola Pledges to Replace the Water it uses

On the 5th of June, 2007 at the World Water Foundation (WWF) convention in Beijing, Coca-Cola officially pledges to replace the water it uses.


  1. Reducing the water used to produce its beverages
  2. Recycling water used for beverage manufacturing processes
  3. Replenishing water in communities and nature.

Launching a multi-year partnership with the WWF to conserve and protect freshwater sources, including seven of the worlds most important river water basins.

“Our goal is to replace every drop of water we use in our beverages and their production. For us that means reducing the amount of water used to produce our beverages, recycling water used for manufacturing processes so it can be returned safely to the environment, and replenishing water in communities and nature through locally relevant projects.”
– E. Neville Isdell, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

Acting locally and thinking globally, Coca-Cola is really leading the way for innovation in renewable and sustainable business strategies around the world.

Through water stewardship, Coca-Cola is looking to eventually eliminate every last ecological footprint they have ever cast in the world; either directly or indirectly, this is their pledge, and by 2008 they wish to have every single Coke affiliate in the world actively fighting the environmental battle on all fronts.

The Coca-Cola Company’s environmental protection efforts include:

  1. Global water stewardship
  2. Package design, recovery and reuse
  3. Energy and climate protection – address the areas that are most important to its business and are where the Company can make the greatest impact.

By setting goals and targets to reach eventual global sustainability in water use by 2010, Coca-Cola is taking the slow and steady path to long-term success that will create a positive impact on every country they touch.

The Coca-Cola has already been leading the way with WWF for years, now, their influence is growing, such as with FEMSA and their partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica in Brazil to replenish three million hectares of Atlantic Rainforest.

The biggest breakthrough in this battle to zero their ecological footprints occurs in their giving back to the earth through programs that center around community awareness, productive water use, sanitation, hygiene, water supply and watershed management.

If their focus on the most important river water basins in the world, including:

  • The Yangtze (China)
  • Mekong (S.E. Asia)
  • Rio Grande/Rio Bravo (US and México)
  • Rivers and Basins of the US (Southeast)
  • The Mesoamerican Caribbean Reef
  • The East Africa basin of Lake Malawi
  • Europe’s Danube Rive.

Taking back these main rivers at their core, is the only the beginning, but it is a moment of truth for the world! The first moment of truth in 2,500 years when our civilization first learned to sacrifice rivers for Greek and Roman convenience!

From the looks of things, it would appear that Coca-Colas pledge to replace the water it uses and the ongoing commitment to the biosphere are genuine, and if achieved, will change the world we live in for the better, teaching us to correct our habits in accordance to the Earths already perfect water cycle.

Coke Press Release


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