Clustered LED Light Bulb

A clustered LED light bulb like the CC VIVID Plus LED is an energy efficient, long lasting multi-directional light bulb that actually costs less than CFLs in the long run, while providing healthier lighting right now.

The CC VIVID Plus LED light bulb has a standard cork screw socket, but with a ten year lifespan and like most clustered LED light bulbs of its category, is quickly becoming the trend in sustainable solutions to indoor/outdoor artificial lighting.

The LED is a directional light, that will last for a long time and works well with dimming mechanisms, but when clustered (such as this one with 36 LEDs), that directional lighting quantifies immensely.

CC VIVID Plus LED is made by C. Crane Company Inc., available in AC or DC, 120V AC (1.84 Watts) and 12V DC (2.5 Watts), 60 lumens, 36 LEDs, dispersed output, average bulb life of 60,000 hours (ten years), safe for outdoor/indoor/small space use, with a two year warranty, measures 3.25 x 2.25 and ships at one pound.

Energy efficient, dispersed higher light output, perfect for accent lighting, reading, porches, smaller rooms, hallways, cubbyholes, or wherever needed most around the home; clustered LED light bulbs such as the CC VIVID Plus LED light bulb are a great way to improve the environmental friendliness of your home for a more self-reliant way of life that starts with your pocket book.

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Posted in Electric by admin on June 8, 2008.

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