Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt by GM (General Motors) just may be the car that will revolutionize the way Americans commute, this hybrid sports car has a sleek and aggressive style that plays caddy to what todays working class needs, wants and most of all, what the near future is certain to demand, sustainability!

Chevrolet Volt is different from its ancestors, as it uses a lithium battery that is still as of yet not available for mass production, but very similar to those used in cell phones and laptopnotebook computers already; just a larger, heavier version. 400lbs!

Chevrolet Volt comes with one very interesting factor in the chasse that just blows previous electric cars out of the ocean.

It is versatile in such a way that different kinds of motors could more than easily be installed, not just one hybrid as usually made but as many as the consumer demands.

Chevrolet Volt goes out of the way to develop a more sustainable solution for our needs right now and yet still predict that not everyone is going to be looking for the same solution from state to state.

And yet most consumers are sure to be obsessed with the sports style and a price of Chevrolet Volt that even competes domestically against other commuter automotives, but with sustainable solutions not as of yet even fathomed till now.

The current electric/gasoline hybrid that is in the works and already under tests, is not yet available to the public, merely because of the lithium batteries, which need an industry for such sizes, but it is an industry that GM has taken the risk to launch, even before foreign competitors.

Quote: GM hasn’t given a date when consumers can buy the Volt because the advanced lithium-ion batteries needed to power the vehicle — similar to technology used in cell phones– are still years from widespread use in automobiles… “In the end, this is all going to be about delivering on these products,” Wagoner said.

This specific hybrid motor by GM, designed exclusively for the average American patriot, will get 150 miles to the gallon, of which, 40 of those 150 miles can be spent without consuming a single drop of the black blood of the earth.

After intense research, GM discovered, that most Americans only need a mere 40 miles to drive all day long on weekdays during working hours and with a mere six hour charge over night, that means that it is possible to cut down on our nations transportation CO2 emissions to the point of a possible Ozone recovery within just a few years of widespread purchase!

Of course, not everyone commutes less than 40 miles a day, lots of people like to travel across this great beautiful nation of ours from time to time, yet most do not want to use machines that destroy the sensitive ecology we so proudly boast, which is the main reason why GM has done something extraordinary.

Quote: One particularly clever feature about the Volt is its E-Flex System, which is an architecture that’s designed to accommodate different types of engines. The three-cylinder installed in this show car can run on gasoline or E85, which is a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. But instead, a diesel could be fitted. Even one that runs on bio-diesel. Or a hydrogen-powered fuel cell.

Reaching speeds of up to 100 miles an hour guarantee more safety on the road, but still allow for that super racecar style that Americans prefer, Chevrolet Volt by GM is an elite gamble, one that could change the face of our nation, starting from within our own economy

Chevrolet Volt is a resolution for a new year of automotive excellence and overall, an audacious response to the cry for a more sustainable patriotic brand name; GM our nations elite.


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