Excel-Aire makes Bio-Bubble; a 100% degradable bubble packaging that turns to water, CO2 and harmless biomass through the d2w (degrades to water) oxo-biodegradable additive process.

Bio-Bubble is oxo-biodegradable, has been comprehensively tested, is environmentally safe with no compromise to product features or performance and is completely recyclable either as a plastic or an organic.

Excel-Aire knows that 90% of all plastics ever made are still out there somewhere, be they in landfills, rivers, lakes, in use or not, they will take up to 200 years to return to the earth in landfills alone in some cases and we throw so much non-biodegradable plastic away by the hour!

Excel-Aire is dedicated to making a commitment for a brighter and more sustainable future, one that is worthy of our children’s children, without compromising the quality plastics we use from day to day.

Oxo-biodegradable plastics are the conventional polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene with an added proprietary mixture that accelerates the breakdown of chemical structures in the plastics themselves.

The remaining product is amenable to conversion by microorganisms, offering a source of food, in turn the microorganisms change these conventional plastics into carbon dioxide and water, both easily consumed by the ecosystem.

Oxygen in the air forms different molecules that are many times smaller than the original plastic and molecules (forming water beads around the original plastic).

This is a natural process for any plastic, but with the oxo-biodegradable additives (such as d2w), this process is many times accelerated, catalyzing this reaction in a fraction of the time it would take without the additives.

Bio-Bubbles are just as good as conventional bubble plastics in practice, but once thrown away have proven in field tests that the oxidative degradation caused by the additives make the molecular chains shorter and wettable, allowing the ecosystem to clean up within weeks instead of aeons.

Bio-Bubbles have been engineered to begin their breakdown after one year, giving any products at least that, in shelf life.

Contact with sun or water is a sure way to begin the process as d2w (the oxo-biodegradable additive used in Bio-Bubbles) is fully programmable.

Anti-oxidants are used to make sure that oxo-biodegradable plastics can withstand the processing conditions and are slowly consumed over time usually between one to two years depending on the product and its uses of course.

The oxo-biodegradable additive used in Bio-Bubbles is d2w, which can control the speed and onset of degeneration.

The more heat, water and stress on the product itself the more it will speed the breakdown process; less of these things will slow the process down.

The active ingredient in d2w is a transition metal salt (very low levels) and is not toxic to sensitive plants or animals; perfectly safe for food packaging.

Bio-Bubbles are recyclable, composted as organic material (NOT PLASTICS), but if allowed into a post consumer recycling stream for plastics, the degradation process is arrested and Bio-Bubbles immediately behave as non-degradable plastics do.

If for some reason the Bio-Bubbles are recycled with non-degradable plastics they are still just as recyclable as traditional plastics and can even be safely turned back into biodegradable plastics again with a fresh addition of d2w.

Excel-Aires Bio-Bubblesan oxo-biodegradable plastic packaging that does the same job their bubble packaging has always done in the past.

Bio-Bubbles can be returned to the earth in a clean and healthy manner than that used until now, showing that our countrys industries are searching more and more to be responsible stewards with less and less ecological footprints.


Posted in Sustainable by admin on February 3, 2007.

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