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Acres U.S.A. Magazine is the best publication about sustainable farming available, with more than 35 years of continuous publication, filled with articles and information written by real people that make eco-agriculture part of their lives, while only advertising for the real farm suppliers.

There is a lot of theory out there, but for those who actually want to see exactly how it is done, not by a scholar, but by somebody who actually works with sustainable agriculture as their lifes blood; Acres USA Magazine was made for the real farmer, looking to do things in accordance to a more self-sufficient tomorrow that improves this nations quality of life.

Value-added processing, crop-specific advice, organic certification (and marketing), government regulations (that affect you), alternative crop marketing, insect control methods, composting, soil fertility management, rotational grazing, cover cropping and many other topics for the entrepreneur eco-agriculturist are always feature articles.

Acres USA Magazine comes as a tabloid format (newspaper) publication that is not only written by real farmers, but also sponsored by real farmers making itself a more ecologically friendly alternative to the slik wealthy magazines out there (plus its easily composted or used as mulch).

For the best publication in the states on eco-agriculture, Acres U.S.A. Magazine focuses on ecological and economically sustainable agriculture for a more self-reliant country that does not depend on foreign oil, but rather, teaches us how to do this stuff, with less theory and more action.

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Posted in Magazines by admin on April 28, 2008.

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