3M Door and Window Warmer Kits

3M door and window warmer kits are easy-to-install frame insulation kits, used to increase the thermal dynamics of the home by sealing the cracks between the frame and the edges of doors or windows around the house, keeping drafts and cold air from getting through.

As we move into an era of higher grades of sustainability, such as the concern for more thermodynamically fit homes, like Zero Energy Homes, we come prepared with an arsenal of consumer products that make all the difference.

As always, 3M comes with a creative solution to conserving how much energy we spend on winter heating, with an install-it-yourself door and window frame insulation that is not only simple to apply, but aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

The series of 3M door and window warmer kits are so transparent that the insulation itself is almost invisible from two yards, and completely so at three yards away.

Sealing windows and doors with the 3M solution to this modern concern is unique, because it can easily be done by the homeowner; without removing the doors or windows themselves, and with nothing more than a tape measure, a hair dryer and a pair of scissors as tools.

3M makes two different kits, one for doors and one for window and generally speaking, each kit should have enough insulation to cover the average fixture of each given kind, only one fixture per kit.

On the average, these kits cost anywhere from 17-25U$ each depending where you buy and how many, consumers however usually want to try sealing their patio doors first before buying lots of kits since its usually at the focus of the common living area and only costs about 17U$ for a door kit of this size.

Each kit comes with a large sheet of plastic and two roles of double sided tape.

After measuring the plastic to fit each side of the frame with a tape measure and cutting it in pieces according to the length of each face, the double sided tape is then applied to the first face and the first length of proper fitting plastic applied over that, heated with the hair dryer.

As each piece of plastic is heated against the applied tape of its given face, it will shrink down to fit snuggly against the frame surface and thereby eliminating drafts, cold air, invading condensation, a major source of heat loss in the home and consequently, can up the R-value by 90% on that window or door.

3M door and window warmer kits are a way to save on the energy your home uses in heating, by insulating frames with easy to install-it-yourself kits that make it convenient and affordable to be a little more sustainable.

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Posted in Products by admin on July 27, 2008.

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